Cairn Terriers have been portrayed in movies as a fun and spunky pet. While this is true, the Cairn Terrier temperament ranges from being fun, energetic, intelligent to being quite impatient. If you have a Cairn Terrier at home, you would know that it doesn’t mix well with little children as they get impatient easily and have the tendency to bite when they get frustrated. While this is their natural instinct, they can be trained to calm down and be friendlier towards other people and pets. But while they are still young, they might be a little rough. After some time, they will learn to adjust to their surroundings and they will be able to act better around others.

The Cairn Terrier is willful. So when they want something, they might do it at their own time. This temperament makes them the type of pet that needs a leash. Especially when outdoors, you need to keep them in your sight so that they wont go missing. Cairn Terriers have the tendency to not go home once they have been set free. But if your relationship with your dog is great, he or she might remain loyal to you. But while your dog is young, it is best if you are always watching.

Despite the  Cairn Terrier temperament of being energetic, they don’t really need that much exercise. With their small built, it is okay if you take them out at least twice a week. They’re not as demanding with their physical activities like other dogs. This also makes them a good choice for apartment and building dwellers. Though they are not really fond of children, perhaps your family can take care of this breed with a warning to children that they might bite. But its best if you’re already grown up and have experience with dogs.

The Cairn Terrier doesn’t get intimidated by another animals size. Usually, they will bark and make noise at another creature. They also have the tendency to be possessive of their food and toys. Though they are extremely loyal to their owners, they act differently around strangers. If you want to take care of a Cairn Terrier, it would be best if you are already used to taking care of dogs. This breed tends to get noisy and impatient so you better be ready to answer to his or her demands though you’re the owner.