Cairn Terrier training should start when they are puppies.  Just like humans, they would have a hard time understanding what is being taught to them when they are already old.  These dogs are nice but they would usually harass and sometimes even harm cats.  When these dogs crow up, they become stubborn which is not surprising.  These animals were bred to hunt so it is impossible to train them to not chase down other animals.  However, it is alright to train them to obey simple command such as fetch and eat.  New owners should be prepared for the mentality of a Cairn Terrier to dig and chase smaller animals.  These dogs are very brave as they also go after larger dogs even if they don’t usually come out on top.  Dog lovers should know that it is mandatory to dedicate a lot of time in training these dogs. 


Cairn Terrier training may be difficult because a lot of pet owners say these dogs are very stubborn.  Despite that, a lot of experts say that is not the case because the only thing needed is proper training.  You may be in for a long day if your pet ends up chasing other animals such as rabbits and squirrels.  Of course, you will chase your dog too so you will never know where you will end up.  You must always think your pet needs a lot to improve on even though they are sometimes called the best little pal in the world.  It would be ideal to give these dogs proper exercise including a walk in the park and a game of fetch.  They never like being bored which is why they love to hunt down other animals and dig for something.  They can be noticed barking if they are bored or lonely.  They are family friendly dogs so even little kids can play with these dogs.  All dog lovers should take notice of this breed because it is a good one.


Cairn Terrier training is a must especially if you own a puppy.  There is very little a Cairn cant learn if the pet owner takes the much needed time to teach the dog.  They need comprehensive training though so it is not really advisable to train them every other week.  They should be trained consistently so they would learn abruptly.  A dog would make such a great friend especially if you are having a fight with your friends and relatives.  You can always go to your dog and he will cheer you up by licking your face.  You can pat the dog on his head and he will feel appreciated.  However, if the dog is ignored then it will not stop barking until you talk to it again.  Cairn Terriers learn fast so they would impress you each time you train them.  They pick up what you teach them very quickly so it is advisable you take the time to teach them if you really love your dog.  Of course, you must also not forget to feed them proper dog food and not leftover food.