Do you remember that dog named Toto in the movie The Wizard of Oz? Yes, Toto is a Cairn Terrier dog. It is the type of dog that excitedly bounces all over the place the moment you walk into a room. If you want to have a pet dog that is loaded with energy and personality, then choose a Cairn Terrier puppy. Here are some facts that you should to know about a Cairn Terrier.
Courageous and Smart
If you are looking for a dog that is loaded with self-confidence, then go for a Cairn Terrier puppy. Widely known for its intelligence and energetic personality, a Cairn Terrier is just unstoppable. It seeks constant attention and comfort most of the time. Although it is relatively small, it is very strong and physically active. Most of all, it is very inquisitive. In fact, it can easily sense movement and strange noises around you and will not hesitate to howl loudly.

A Natural Hunter
More than 200 hundred years ago, in Scottish Highlands, the early ancestors of this breed were highly valued because of their ability to route vermins who hide in cairns. The name Cairn Terrier comes from the Scottish word “carn” which means a heap of stones piled up as a memorial or a landmark. Thus, it has an innate ability to hunt using its big teeth and very sturdy jaws.

Irresistibly Eye-Catching
Unlike other canine breeds, a Cairn Terrier puppy has double-coated coat. Its outer coat is quite hard which helps adjust to extreme weather conditions. Meanwhile, its inner coat is very soft and short. If you want to keep your Cairn Terrier puppy well-groomed, just gently stripe out its outer coat at least twice or once a year. Doing this will help grow a new layer of coat for your puppy.

Prefers Independence
Although a Cairn Terrier puppy likes to be pampered sometimes, it prefers to play and explore the surroundings. This means you need to build a safe fence for the dog. Also, this breed is ideal if you like long walks in the morning.

A Cairn Terrier dog is not your ordinary lapdog who loves to be pampered. Many owners of a Cairn Terrier puppy know that this breed loves to move around and dig because of its natural chasing instincts. That is why it is important to train a Cairn Terrier puppy when it is still very young.