Cairn Terrier grooming is thought to be usually tough but most owners have realized that it really is not. If you would like to groom your Cairn, you should know that they’re not really demanding when it comes to their coats. Most owners insist that Cairn Terriers must be bathed at least thrice a year. Unless necessary, they only need to take baths once in a while. Also, a good shampoo for hard coats are recommended for your Cairn.

Many Cairn owners have recommended that instead of cutting your Cairns coat, they need to be stripped instead. If you are not familiar with stripping, you can ask a professional pet groomer to help you out. Stripping will make their coat grow better and will make their skin healthier. A Cairn must have his or her toenails trimmed regularly. It is best if you take your pet to the vet or to a groomer because they tend to dislike this part. However, if your pet Cairn is active and likes physical activities, maybe you can forgo the nail-trimming part. Having them walk around will make their toenails naturally worn-down therefore, missing the need to have their nails trimmed.

Most importantly, you need to make sure that your Cairns ears are clean and free from dirt and excess hairs. Unclean ears might be a nest for infections and diseases. It would be best if you clean your Cairns ear regularly with a Q-tip.

Cairn Terriers are known to be impatient dogs. But if you make them feel that grooming time is good, pretty soon they’ll get used to the routine. You can even encourage them by giving treats to let them know that grooming is a good thing. Cairn Terriers become more obedient when positive reinforcement is used upon them. However, if you are scared to groom your pet, make sure that you let the professionals do their job. Find a pet or a grooming station that you trust and make sure that you remain loyal to it so your dog will become familiar with the place.

Cairn Terrier grooming can be easy and manageable if the owner knows what he or she must do. Every pet owner must be concerned with their pets well-being and this begins with grooming. To show your beloved Cairn Terrier that you truly care, make sure you check daily that they are clean, healthy and well-fed.