Are you a fond fan of The Wizard of Oz? Then you probably know by now that Toto, Dorothys dog, is a Cairn Terrier, one breed of dog that The Wizard of Oz portrayed accurately. This breed of dog does not want to do anything else but to please its master, its owner. To be able to find a great dog like this, though, you have to consult with some of the best Cairn Terrier breeders out there. You would not want to have your very own Cairn Terrier without any breeding now, would you?

Looking for great and reliable Cairn Terrier breeders would not be a problem, for there are dozens who take care and raise up these little rascals of a dog. If you are looking for any breeder of Cairn Terriers around your area, chances are there would be at least one of two near you. Breeders of this dog have been scattered far and wide, because they know that people love these dogs, and they would not only benefit from them, but also have a lot of fun breeding and taking care of them.

To determine the legitimacy and overall quality of breeders, particularly for Cairn Terrier breeders, you must first examine wherever they are headquartered. Check first if their Cairn Terriers are first and foremost, purebred. Next, check if they give ample care to both the parents of those potential Cairn Terrier Puppies you just might adopt, and the puppies themselves. Make sure they meet the needs of the dogs they are taking care of and are breeding. Do they give the dogs plenty of food, water, and exercise? Check, ask, inquire, and double-check again for these facts, and maybe if the breeder you are considering getting your very own Cairn Terrier from checks out on all of these, then you will have already had your breeder right then and there.

The aesthetics and the particulars which should already be a given for breeders, regardless of what breed of dog they breed, are not the only parameters to be considered when looking for Cairn Terrier breeders; you also have to consider the dogs themselves, and how well these breeders have taken care of them. If these Terriers do not at all notice you or even go near you, then you might want to consider looking for a new breeder elsewhere. But if these dogs temperaments are amazingly calm and friendly, then what are you waiting for? Get a Cairn Terrier right then and there!