The Cairn Terriers is a dog breed that originated in the Scottish Highland and has been known as one of the oldest breeds of terriers. One reason why people love the Cairn Terrier is because they are very loyal and lovable pets. Thus, they are also protective when it comes to their families, owners and their territory.

This dog breed is also strong and very courageous especially when they are challenged. They may look small on the outside but they can be as fierce and tough as larger dogs. Because of this, its still better to keep them in an enclosed area. But in general, they are safe as a family pet.


The weight of a Cairn Terrier is around 13 to 18 pounds. And in terms of height, the average size is about 9 to 13 inches. Their size also depends on their gender. They are small dogs that can easily be brought up in any house or apartment. And because of their size, they can easily be tagged along.

Coat Care

The outer coat of a Cairn terrier varies in color. There are those that are wheaten, gray or red, and their coat is weather-resistant so it doesn’t require too much effort in terms of coat care. They also dont shed that much. But since they have long hair, owners should do regular brushing to keep them looking pleasant. People should also keep in mind that using scissors for grooming is not recommended, instead hand stripping or pulling dead hair should be done. This way, it allows new growth of hair for better protection.

Family Life

These dogs can get along well with children. So they can make good pets for those families with young or old children. They also do not bark as often, only when they are lonely or bored. So its advisable to keep them entertained.


The lifestyle of a Cairn Terrier can easily be managed to adapt to its owners environment. Just like other dogs, they need love and attention and also some play time inside and outside the house to keep them happy.


When it comes to health, these dogs dont show major problems since they a generally a healthy type of dog and can live up to a maximum of 17 years. Some dogs though get problems because of different factors so its better that they get checked-up once in a while by a trusted veterinarian. And owners can also do some preventive measures to keep them in good shape.


Exercise is important for these dogs so that they will remain fit and enthusiastic. It is recommended to walk these dogs outside on a daily basis. But they should be on a leash to keep them from chasing other animals like squirrels and other dogs.


A Cairn Terrier will respond positively to obedience training, especially when they are trained as puppies. And they can learn rules and tricks as long as their owners give them enough time for training. These dogs are also intelligent and can learn quickly. Training can help them in developing their behavior since they can be very playful or stubborn at times. With proper training, they will be able follow their masters commands and prevent mishaps.